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We help your business launch digital commerce experiences that drive sales and create genuine customer delight.

Our eCommerce solutions

For more than a decade, Codal has been helping businesses thrive in the eCommerce landscape. With superior UX/UI design, we give your business the tools it needs to enhance its digital presence, expand its customer base, as well as create and manage additional streams of revenue. By establishing a sophisticated and agile eCommerce tech stack, we ensure scalability, so your business can rapidly adapt to new industry trends, consumer behaviors, and emerging technologies. Codal is currently a trusted partner of both Shopify and BigCommerce—two of the top eCommerce platforms on the market today.

eCommerce integration

Our team integrates your business’ current tools—such as its CMS, CRM, IMS, and other third-party software—with a fast and secure eCommerce platform, so you can safely process payments and manage data, as well as automate certain workflows.

Customer experience

Through collaboration with SMEs, market research, and usability testing, we build customer experiences for various user personas across multiple channels, helping your brand to effectively interact with its current and future customers.

eCommerce UX design

We take the time to understand your business, its competitors, and the surrounding market to design a UX that attracts more customers, improves user engagement, and boosts online sales and conversions.

Supply chain

Our team provides the knowledge and tools necessary for efficient supply chain management, so your business can stay on top of tasks related to shipping, warehousing, order fulfillment, and inventory tracking—all while saving time and money.