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Microservice architecture

We stand up intelligent, cost-effective microservices architectures that let businesses achieve true scalability.

Our microservices architecture solutions

Trading in your business’ monolithic system for a microservices architecture can come with many benefits, such as greater programming flexibility, the ability for development teams to work independently of each other, and a faster time-to-market for application modifications. Codal helps determine whether or not microservices are right for your business, then creates a roadmap for success. We implement microservices to enhance the overall agility, scalability, and security of your business—resulting in lower costs, streamlined workflows, and optimized revenue.


Once we understand your current pain points and vision for the future, our team provides the best systems and technologies for maintaining efficiency as your business expands its customer base, processes more orders, and introduces new products and services.

Technology innovation

With new technologies constantly emerging, we help your business maintain a competitive edge by replacing legacy systems with faster and more efficient solutions—creating superior outcomes for your customers, employees, and associates.